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SFL’s extensive range of clamp fittings provides the foundation for many of the ASME BPE standard, and bespoke products that we are proud to manufacture and supply.

The clamp union assembly consists of two mating ferrules, one for each connecting side of the coupling, a high purity FDA approved gasket in-between and a heavy duty clamp around the outside to secure the whole assembly in place.

Once assembled, the clamp union provides a smooth, aseptic internal transition between the clamp ferrule faces and the gasket that is widely recognized around the world as the gold standard high purity joint for process applications, in industry sectors such as Pharmaceutical and Bio-medical.

Clamp ferrules are available for the user to weld in place to existing pipework / process equipment, or as integral parts of standard ASME BPE “Section DT” items ready for you to assemble. Clamp ferrules can also be incorporated within your designs for bespoke pipework that our specialist manufacturing teams will build for you using the very latest welding, fabrication and polishing techniques to provide you with an end product of the highest quality to your exacting specifications.

Clamp Ferrules

SFL provide a wide range of clamp weld ferrules to suit your application:

ASME BPE Ferrules – Tube sizes 0.25” to 6” available in three length options to suit manual or orbital welding, SF1 (0.5um ID) or SF4 (0.38um Electropolished)

Tank ferrules – Tube sizes 0.5” to 6”, designed with a thicker wall to enable welding into your tank or vessel.

All items are provided degreased, bagged and capped to ensure optimum cleanliness, ready for your welding processes.

ASME BPE “DT Section” Clamp products

The ASME BPE standard includes a full range of clamp ended items that are designed to be ready for you to assemble on site with no welding required.  SFL manufacture our own range of Biobore BPE compliant products and also stock a full range of Accredited ASME BPE products, ready for your requirement.   Clamp ended ASME BPE “DT” items provide you with the ability to simply connect together any combination of Bend’s, Tee’s, Reducers, Crosses, U bends & Instrument Tees to build your process system from the ground up, and enjoy the peace of mind that these high quality finished components will provide, manufactured to meet and exceed the stringent requirements laid down in the ASME BPE standard.


SFL Biobore Clamps are manufactured for use in Food & Dairy, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries where standard connections are required.

Two main clamp types are available:

  • The K750 is a two part heavy duty clamp.

    K750’s are available in 304 stainless steel as standard but can also be supplied in 316 stainless when requested.
    These enable a ‘tool free’ connection as the clamp can be tightened by hand. As standard these are available from ½” – 6”

  • K753 High Pressure double bolted clamp.

    If your system is running at higher pressure then the K753 may be the clamp for you. These are also 304 Stainless steel as standard but can also be supplied in 316 when requested.
    The brass nuts help to reduce thread damage caused by high pressure.

Other types of Clamps are available such as 3 Part Clamps (K752)

Please give our sales team a call for any requirements


SFL gaskets are manufactured for use in all industries where clamp fittings are used. They are designed to give a smooth bore when fully assembled.

All our gaskets are FDA approved as a minimum requirement with USP Class VI widely available.

The majority of our gaskets are available as Unlipped (Type 1) and Lipped (Type 2)

Our stock of clamp gaskets range from  ¼” up to 6”. Other sizes available on request. We also offer gaskets with a mesh or orifice plate insert.

Gasket Materials can be grouped into three main types:

  • Elastomer – EPDM, Silicon, Nitrile & Viton

  • Polymer – Solid PTFE

  • Polymer Envelope – PTFE Outer with either Viton (as standard) inner or EPDM inner is also available.

Typical applications and temperature considerations are shown here.

At SFL we know choosing the correct gasket can be difficult. There can be several reasons that certain gaskets are not suitable for example, pressure, temperature and of course the product flowing in the line.

The Table below shows some of the gasket characteristics:

Please feel free to contact our knowledgeable Sales Team with your enquiry for our Biobore range of clamps and gaskets, rest assured we have your requirements covered.