Our Specialist Fabrication Department

Here at SFL we pride ourselves on our consistently high standards of work, carried out by our vastly experienced and knowledgeable fabrication team, always ensuring that our clients feel completely safe in our hands.

We have many years of stainless steel fabricating know-how, including capabilities such as welding, polishing and machining. Our fabrications are used all around the world in major process industries such as Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food and Beverage, Chemical and Petrochemical. Our array of skills make us your one-stop solution.

We are large enough to accommodate the most demanding requirement but small enough to be able to offer a personal service for smaller jobs.

Your enquiry starts a process that begins with a detailed Contract Review Meeting. We work from your drawings or sketches to begin with which enables us to turn your ideas into reality. The Contract Review Meeting involves input from the manufacturing team, the sales team, our QA manager and you, the client. This process ensures that we have a thorough understanding of your requirements – first time, every time.

Our skilled fabricators and welders work closely together ensuring your needs are fully met. Our fully qualified welders are coded to include ISO standards EN 1418( orbital) and EN 287-1( manual) as well as ASME IX (orbital and Manual) and carry out both manual TIG and orbital welding. Orbital welds are widely used in the Pharmaceutical industry and also on many high purity fabricated pipelines and manifolds. Our orbital welding procedure produces a crevice free joint that does not require final polishing. A crevice free joint is essential for eliminating contamination risks from micro-organisms.

Where the fabrication contract does not require orbital welds, our clients can also benefit from the flexibility of manual hand welding (TIG) in which we also specialise.

Our skilled polishers will polish the outer and inner diameter of tube and fittings where required to leave a smooth crevice and crack free surface, polished to a measured surface finish specified by you. We are also able to offer an Electropolished finish where required.

SFL’s range of machining skills provides us with the ultimate flexibility to produce special machined components for use within our fabrications.

Alongside our specialist fabrications we can also include services such as NDT tested welds, video boroscoping, QA dossiers, weld maps and qualifications, ensuring complete peace of mind at all times.

At SFL we demonstrate daily our commitment and capability to provide a consistently high quality service to our customers which sets us apart, so do not hesitate to call us for all of your fabricating requirements.

We supply products into all sorts of industry sectors and applications, including:

  • Chromatography columns

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • Stem Cell Research

  • Neuro Science Research Technologies

  • Food Processing Equipment

  • Cooking Oil Filtration

  • Filtration and Separation Equipment

  • Tablet coating and tablet presses

  • Powder processing systems

  • Pressure fed systems

  • Water purification and Water for Injection Systems

  • Paint Spraying Units