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Expertise for Dairy Industry Advancement

For over a century, Dairy Pipe Lines (DPL) has been synonymous with excellence in the dairy processing sector. Founded in 1890, our legacy is deeply rooted in the industry, and we're proud to continue this journey to this day.

Our Reputation Speaks Volumes

DPL earned its reputation by delivering high-quality products and efficient services, quickly becoming a respected name in the dairy industry. We've strengthened our standing within the dairy sector, continuously expanding our product range to cater to its evolving needs.

Compliance and Cleanability

We understand the importance of adhering to industry standards and ensuring the utmost cleanliness. All Diamond valves and stainless steel tube and fittings supplied to dairy industry customers conform to British Standard 4825, and each product comes with a letter of conformity where requested. Our seals, meticulously crafted, meet F.D.A. regulations.

An essential aspect outlined in BS4825 is the accessibility of all surfaces for cleaning, whether through cleaning in place (CIP) or manual cleaning when disassembled. DPL has addressed this need by producing a range of fittings, including Clamp, IDF, RJT, and ILC products, all optimized for easy cleanability across various applications.

Tailored Solutions for the Dairy Industry

DPL's Diamond Valve Range includes Butterfly valves, Non Return valves, Pressure Relief valves, Mini Pressure Relief Valves, 3Way Ball Valves, Slimline Ball valves and Seat valves, all of which are manufactured from 316L solid bar and forgings, are perfectly suited to the dairy industry. We offer a wide array of seal and handle options to ensure that you can select the right product for your specific application.

Global Presence

Servicing the global market from right here in the heart of the UK, DPL is always at your service. We're dedicated to helping you create the hygienic environment essential for producing butter, cheese, yogurt, dairy desserts, and ice cream. Our valves and fittings are designed to prevent product mixing and eliminate any chance of blending dairy products with detergents.

Your Path to Dairy Excellence

Our commitment to quality products, extensive experience, comprehensive technical data, project management expertise, and robust service and maintenance support program have kept DPL at the forefront of dairy processing technology. We're here to partner with you on your journey to dairy processing excellence.

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