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Gaskets and Seals

DPL gaskets are manufactured for use in all industries where clamp fittings are used. They are designed to give a smooth bore when fully assembled.

All our gaskets and seals conform to BS4825 and are FDA approved as a minimum requirement with USP Class VI widely available.

The majority of our gaskets are available as Unlipped (Type 1) and Lipped (Type 2) to suit your individual requirements.

Our stock of clamp gaskets range from ¼” up to 6”. Other sizes available on request. We also offer gaskets with a mesh or orifice plate insert.

Gasket or Seal Materials can be grouped into three main types:

  • Elastomer – EPDM, Silicon, Nitrile & Viton

  • Polymer – Solid PTFE

  • Polymer Envelope – PTFE Outer with either Viton (as standard) inner or EPDM inner is also available.

At DPL we know choosing the correct gasket can be difficult, materials may or may not be suitable depending on the temperature, application and process media in use.

Click below to view and download our handy table detailing some of the gasket characteristics.

The Clamp Union

Once assembled within the clamp union, clamp gaskets provide a smooth, aseptic internal transition between the clamp ferrule faces and the gasket.

Clamp unions are widely recognized the world over as the gold standard high purity joint for process applications in industry sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Bio-medical and the Food and Beverage industries.

Screen Mesh and Orifice Plates

We also offer clamp gaskets that include an integral mesh or perforated screen, or orifice plate.

Screen Mesh and Screen Disks are available to use in place of the standard clamp gasket to enable you to filter or strain unwanted particles from your process media. We offer a wide range of gasket materials, with mesh and aperture sizes to suit your application.

Orifice plates are stocked in two types, solid PTFE or Viton and Stainless Steel. These gaskets are essentially blank disks that are used in place of your standard clamp gasket, with a hole in the middle to your size requirements, thus creating an orifice to alter your flow characteristics as desired.


DPL Offer the following clamp types:

  • The K750 is a two part heavy duty hinged clamp with a wing nut.

    The K750 clamp enables a ‘tool free’ connection as the clamp can be tightened by hand. Sizes available from ½” – 6”, in 304 stainless steel as standard. This is our most widely used clamp, designed to suit most applications. The K750 can also be supplied in 316 stainless steel if preferred.

  • The K753 High Pressure Clamp is a robust 2 piece double bolted clamp.

    The K753 is a very robust 2 piece double bolted clamp, designed to accommodate higher working pressures than the K750 clamp. The K753 is available in sizes from 1" to 4", in 304 Stainless steel and comes with brass nuts for ease of assembly and dismantling, essential when used in high pressure applications.

  • The K752 is a 3-Part clamp is available as an alternative to the K750.

    This style of multi-hinge clamp is suitable for applications where assembly of the union on-site may difficult due to space restrictions. It's flexible nature may allow for easier fitment. The K752 is available in sizes from 1" to 4", in 304 Stainless steel.

Other DPL Union Types

DPL stock a full range of unions suitable for a wide range of applications including Clamp, IDF, RJT, ILC, BSP and SMS. Whatever your process application DPL can provide the perfect solution.

Please feel free to contact our knowledgeable Sales Team with your enquiry for our range of clamps and gaskets, rest assured we have your requirements covered.