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Hygienic Tube

To compliment the hygienic fittings range, DPL also stock a full range of hygienic tube.

Manufactured from premium grade 316L Stainless Steel which also complies with BS4825, the tube is suited to many industry sectors. These sectors include Dairy, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Chemical.

Available in 6 meter lengths, the tube has a food grade internal finish and an external dull polish in order to meet the high expectations of the hygienic industry.

Tube lengths can also be cut to suit individual requirements.


Our Tube:

  • Complies with BS4825 to ensure maximum compatibility with your process system.
  • Wide range of tube OD sizes available to suit your application (see Table below)
  • Tube lengths cut to order for ease of shipping etc
  • Fully annealed option to ensure ease of fabrication and manipulation if required
  • Full certification provided on request thus providing full traceability.
Tube size table  large