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As the name suggests, Dairy Pipe Lines (DPL) has a long, established track record within the dairy processing sector and continues to enjoy to this day an association which began back in 1890, when the company was originally founded.

DPL quickly built a reputation for supplying high quality products from stock and providing an efficient service to the industry. Since moving to Saffron Walden in 1971, we have enhanced our reputation within the dairy sector and are continuing to develop our product range dedicated to meeting its needs.

All Diamond valves and stainless steel tube and fittings supplied to dairy industry customers conform to British Standard 4825, with a letter of conformity accompanying all orders, while all seals conform to F.D.A. regulations.

An important factor, stated in BS4825, is that all surfaces of the coupling coming into contact with the product shall be accessible for cleaning, either by cleaning in place (CIP) or by manual cleaning when disassembled. DPL has therefore produced a range of fittings, including Clamp, IDF, RJT and ILC products, which provide optimum cleanability in a variety of applications.

DPL’s range of Butterfly valves, Non Return valves, Pressure Relief valves and Seat valves are manufactured from 316L solid bar and forgings and are well suited to the dairy industry, with a variety of seal and handle options ensuring that customers select the right product for their particular application.

With representation in the USA and throughout Europe as well as the UK, you can be sure DPL is on hand to help you achieve the hygienic environment essential for the manufacture of butter, cheese, yogurt, dairy desserts and ice cream. Our aim is to offer dairy customers the ultimate processing solution with reliable valves and fittings which prevent products from mixing and ensure there is no blending of dairy products with detergents.

Quality products, combined with our wealth of experience, detailed technical data, project management skills and a back up service and maintenance support programme ensure DPL remains at the forefront of dairy processing technology.