Brewing Industries, Hygienic Stainless Steel Tube | Stainless Fittings


Dairy Pipe Lines’ (DPL) Diamond valves and stainless steel tube and fittings are manufactured to strict quality standards to ensure the very best in hygienic processing solutions for the brewing market.

In fact, DPL’s long history of servicing this sector has seen us develop effective business partnerships with both brewers and contracting engineers in the supply of processing equipment for:

From the supply of a single valve to the manufacture of CIP systems and specially designed plant, Dairy Pipe Lines brings a wealth of experience and has developed a specialist approach to determining solutions to all sorts of brewing problems.

The increased competition with other drinks such as alcho-pops, coupled with ever rising production costs, have resulted in an evolution in brewing methods and we at DPL are proud to have been part of this change.

Throughout the brewing process - from the brew house and yeast handling, mashing and sparging, air removal, CIP, clarification systems and product recovery to dosing - DPL offers a range of quality, high performance valves and valve systems backed by technical data and industry knowledge which is second to none. Our areas of expertise also include fabrication and specialist pipe line products.

DPL’s future in the brewing industry will be driven by the development of new products, in close consultation with customers old and new, and the continuation of a long and proud tradition based on quality and service.