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Biobore Asme BPE Tube And Fittings

**Please note that the ordering of the numbers and references below are indicative only and may vary - If you have any questions regarding product marking then please call the Sales Team on 0121 521 2020**

Biobore fittings are marked with the following information to give you full traceability and allow easy identification.

Product Marking

SFL are proud of the products we manufacture and
ensure all are marked with our company logo.

Traceability is crucial within the Pharmaceutical
industry.The Cast or Heat number will appear on
both the product and your material certificates.
Note: There may be more than one cast number
marked on each complete fitting.

The grade of material used to manufacture the
fitting.Usually 316L stainless steel.

The reference number is part of our factory
traceability system.
Note: This is not a material cast number.

Products produced to the ASME BPE standard are
identified as such.

The table or ‘DT’ number identifies the type of
fitting.i.e. a DT-9 is an equal tee with ends suitable
for orbital welding. DT numbers are referred to
throughout the catalogue.

Surface finish designation. This code identifies the
internal surface finish and whether a product is
mechanically or electropolished. See table.