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Biobore & ASME BPE Introduction

SFL's Biobore & ASME BPE tube and Fittings

Biobore is the brand name of SFL’s acclaimed range of T316L stainless steel tube and fittings. Our offering includes both fully accredited ASME BPE products alongside our own BPE compliant range of fittings. 

More About The ASME Bio Processing Equipment Standard.

The ASME Bio Processing Equipment (ASME BPE) Standard first launched in 1997 providing designers and process engineers with a reliable and measurable way of specifying Hygienic Tubes, Valves and Fittings for use in pharmaceutical and High Purity applications.   Through the American Society of Mechanical Engineers harmonization programme this very inclusive standard has achieved world wide acceptance.

Stainless Fittings Ltd has manufactured the Biobore brand of products since its inception and along with a number of other companies around the globe adopted non pharmaceutical-related codes and standards modifying them to meet the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).   The ASME BPE has enveloped these requirements thus complementing the SFL Biobore range.

The ASME BPE brings together standard stainless steel component types, length sizing, round & squareness tolerances, and additionally the manufacturing materials are standardized but there is however flexibility to use other materials with proven characteristics in the bioprocessing industry.

Standard internal surface finishes are defined by finish codes that are marked on components for ease of identification.   These codes also include electropolished surfaces.

Metal joining is a large part of the ASME BPE standard and here the integrity of the fabrication process is protected by insistence on established weld procedures, welder codes, weld log recording & weld plans.   The material joint requirements are specified and also the inspection criteria, which takes even small imperfections into account.

Post fabrication corrosion protection and rouge limitation methods are specified including electropolish and passivation procedures.   Continuing with the product integrity theme the final product identity marking and the packaging is also stipulated.

Standard SFL Biobore products meet the requirements of the BPE specification but if you require Non standard products and components to the same exacting standard we can fabricate to your design, the product you require, using the same manufacturing techniques and methodologies.