Stainless Fittings Ltd (SFL) has been manufacturing high quality stainless steel tubular products and fabrications for over 70 years, earning itself an enviable reputation worldwide for tubing and fittings which meet the stringent demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Our knowledge of the pharmaceutical sector means we appreciate the challenges our customers face and are therefore able to provide you with products which meet your specific requirements.

Over the last 15 years, SFL has advanced its manufacturing capabilities to ensure we remain abreast of industry developments and are therefore able to meet the increasingly stringent quality demands placed upon us, as well as assist you in choosing the right product for your application.

Our renowned Biobore range was developed specifically to meet the pharmaceutical and bio-processing industry’s requirements, in terms of materials and quality, and has become the acknowledged market leader.

SFL works to a set of strict quality control procedures – which we have developed to ensure our products meet industry standards – so Blue Chip companies can be assured that Biobore tube and fittings comply with FDA requirements. Customer confidence in our products has led to them being installed in pharmaceutical plants worldwide.

Our quality control system includes carrying out sample checks of the chemical analysis of all tubing we purchase, to ensure this meets the specification the industry requires. We also produce weld samples by the closed head orbital weld method to prevent installation companies having problems when the materials are delivered to site.

Furthermore, SFL provides fully traceable material certificates for every product, which is marked with the heat number and our works order number, while our ability to offer materials in a single cast per line size ensures total compatibility in welding, traceability and documents.

Tubing is purchased to the industry standards ASTMA 269 and ASTMA 270, with the controlled sulphur levels and tolerances laid down in ASTMA 270-S2 supplementary requirements. All materials are in T316L stainless steel. Biobore fittings are manufactured to the dimensions of the ASME BPE specification and the tolerances also comply with this standard.

Since special finishes are required in high purity and WFI applications, to ensure that surfaces are smooth and corrosion free, SFL has developed a range of finishes to meet most applications.

Our pharmaceutical industry expertise also enables us to supply pre-fabricated spools to customer drawings, with full documentation if required, to advise on customer designs and to manufacture high quality skid units and flow plates. Our welders are all qualified to Manual BS EN ISO 9606-1, Orbital BS EN ISO 14732 for orbital welding and we can supply documentation dossiers, giving material traceability, weld maps, welder qualifications and any NDT reports.




A major manufacturer of data centre cooling units had received a request from one of its customers to supply its coolant distribution units (CDUs) with stainless steel pipework instead of the traditional brass or copper.


So began a four-year journey where SFL assisted its client in the design, manufacture and assembly of the world’s first stainless steel coolant distribution unit.
SFL’s initial input into the project was to help in the design of the stainless steel pipework that would be installed in the CDU. Working as an extension of its client’s engineering team, SFL helped create a series of 2D CAD drawings and 3D models.

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One of the challenges SFL faced was how to fit the new pipework into the existing space, given that stainless steel isn’t as malleable as brass or copper. Through its meticulous and methodical approach, the team successfully arrived at the first version of the CDU pipework that fitted perfectly into the same footprint.
SFL’s next task was to manufacture the set of pipework for the prototype unit, ensuring the kit was manufactured to the highest possible standard. SFL then assisted in the assembly and successful fitting of the pipework into the initial unit.

The unit was then shipped off to a major trade exhibition in the USA to demonstrate the first stainless steel CDU for high performance computing and enterprise data centres. Following the initial blueprint of the prototype design, SFL helped its client fix a number of bugs and resolve a few issues in order to create the optimum design. Once everyone was happy with the final result, the team was then in a position to embark on full-scale manufacture.


Switching from brass to stainless steel offers a marked increase in quality and purity that had never been available in this market before. For example, stainless steel pipework in CDUs means improved performance, as the coolant fluid flows more efficiently through stainless steel pipes, compared to brass or copper. Another advantage is lower maintenance costs as the coolant fluid doesn’t need to be filtered or changed as frequently. A further benefit is that stainless steel is resistant to both corrosion and leaks.


After the unit was unveiled at the exhibition, orders flowed in from around the world and SFL was asked to manufacture 50 kits, destined for end customers located in Australia, Japan and the United States.

Andrew Sharp, Manufacturing Manager at SFL and part of the team who worked on the CDU project, said: “As well as becoming part of our client’s design engineering team, working on the design concepts, we also helped with the ongoing manufacture and assembly of the pipework units. We even became part of their purchasing department, buying the various components we needed in order to build our stainless steel kits. This puts us in a strong position to help other manufacturers of large data centre cooling systems who are looking to benefit from the advantages of stainless steel pipework in their units.”


  • Design acumen: measured approach, coupled with in-depth experience, when helping with the design stage of the project.

  • Prototype skill: ensured the first pipework kit was manufactured to the highest possible standard for the exhibition and was also fit for purpose.

  • Problem solvers and trouble shooters: worked alongside the client to help with all the changes required to make the unit operate at optimum efficiency and work rate.

  • Full scale manufacturing ability: set up a bespoke manufacturing cell to ensure manufacture of two kits each month, to supply market demand.

  • Dedicated account manager: daily one-to-one contact with the client, working across time zones, to provide a high level of personal service, ensuring all project issues were overcome and all deadlines met.

  • Industry knowledge: extensive understanding of HVAC/data centre cooling requirements and deadlines, to supply the growing market in hygienic stainless steel HVAC/data centre cooling systems.