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Soft Drinks

Dairy Pipe Lines (DPL) has been supplying valves to the soft drinks and beverage market for the last 100 years and, as one of the oldest-established hygienic valve manufacturers in the UK, we pride ourselves on the relationships we enjoy with customers in this sector.

It is the stringent demands of our customers which aid the manufacture of high quality Diamond valves and stainless steel tube and fittings to meet the needs of the market today. However, in the soft drinks market, as in all the sectors in which we compete, we are constantly developing new products to meet the needs of our customers tomorrow.

Lifestyle changes are continuing to fuel growth in the soft drinks marketplace. Consumer choice has seen some movement away from alcohol and hot drinks by an increasingly knowledgeable market which continues to expect variety and quality in everything it purchases.

While customer success can be attributed in part to improvements in the supply chain for your products, it is also due to cost reductions. We consider that our role in your quest for maximum performance and efficiency is vital and, by manufacturing products which are designed to keep your plant functioning, with a backup service facility available when you need it, DPL is ideally positioned as the leading source of hygienic valves and fittings.

Sensitive to the seasonality experienced by some of our customers, we aim to work closely with you to forecast your requirements and plan production schedules to meet your demand. Whilst hot weather represents a major influence on customer product sales, it cannot be easily forecast in the UK and, therefore, our market knowledge and manufacturing flexibility affords customers a tremendous degree of support.

It is likely that consumer demand for bottled water and energy drinks will continue to grow, not only in terms of volume, but also in its complexity. Consumers seek high energy drinks which will improve sporting performance, make them feel fitter and stimulate their body and mind. This desire for healthier drinks is witnessed by the demand for low calorie products too. Since the development of sweeteners has resulted in low calorie drinks with a taste which is acceptable to the market, we believe continued research will spur manufacture of a wider variety of health/energy drinks.

Consumption of fruit juice has also increased markedly during the last three years and is set to continue to grow. At DPL we understand the particular demands on customers operating in this sector, especially the expense of shipping fruit juice into the UK, which often involves the product arriving here in concentrated form and being reconstituted.

DPL customers expect Diamond valves to be reliable, as gentle as possible on their product and to perform as specified. As your needs change over time, you look to us for support and we have positioned ourselves to assist your growth with a real commitment to being the leading supplier of hygienic valves and fittings to the soft drinks sector.

By understanding customer requirements and market forces, by making available a wealth of technical data, offering advice and delivering an effective after sales and maintenance service, we have gained a reputation as a value-added partner renowned for working with customers to develop integrated soft drinks processing solutions.