Cosmetics and Personal Care industries, Diamond Stainless Steel Valves | Stainless Fittings


Dairy Pipe Lines (DPL) has an unrivalled reputation for supplying our Diamond Valve Range, tube and fittings into the Cosmetics  and Personal Care industries for many years, being one of the oldest established providers of processing equipment has given us many years of experience within this sector.

Having such a long standing relationship with the Cosmetics industry has enabled us to build effective business relationships with not only the large cosmetics manufacturers but also contracting engineers and installers that are key to any cosmetics production line.

These close knit relationships means that we have experience of the problems that can be encountered in taking the product from concept to market, and we are at the forefront of providing the solution.

Our valves and fittings are guaranteed to be corrosion resistant, the elastomers used are of ‘food grade’ and where possible the compression is controlled to prevent damage to the rubber or extrusion into the product zone, therefore eliminating any clean issues and cross contamination of product.

DPL customers expect Diamond Valves to be reliable, as gentle as possible on their product and to perform as specified. As the needs of the industry change over time, our customers look to us for support and we have positioned ourselves to assist fully in the growth and development of the industry. We have a real commitment to being the leading supplier of hygienic valves and fittings to the cosmetics sector.

We make available a wealth of technical information and we offer advice and support as a natural part of our after sales service, in doing so we have gained a reputation as a value-added partner renowned for working with customers to develop the right solutions.